Saturday, October 27, 2012

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Earlier, we offered new table designs for modern home furniture, if you want see this designs you can press in this links ( Modern coffee table designs - Amazing bookshelf design turn into table and chairs ).

Modern table designs for small kitchens to save space:

But in this topic we have a new designs for kitchen table styles and models, we can use this tables in kitchens and other places as kids room and girls room and any small place in our home, because this tables designed for save space in small places and give you beautiful view for your home or your kitchen.

Two amazing kitchens table designs:

We offer two kitchen tables designs and model for your kitchens, this tables designs can help me to save space in our kitchens and our kids, girls rooms as you like to use it in your home.

First kitchen table design:

The first table design for kitchen in square style, in white and red color, we can use it in our kitchen and our kids, girls rooms, its consisting of one table piece and 4 chairs in the corners, Each chair has a handle to withdraw.

Modern tables designs for small kitchens - tables for save space
we can use this kitchen table design in two styles Such an image, in first style when we don't use it but in second style when we use it we can withdraw chairs and use it.

white kitchen table for small places to save space - tables models 2013

 Second kitchen table design ( red apple table design ):

red apple table for kitchens and small places to save space
This table design in red apple style we can use this table in kitchens and kids, girls room too, as first table.
When we don't use this table we watching it as red apple and give them beautiful view for our homes or kitchens and rooms.

But when we use it we will watch it as second image, this kitchen table design consisting of one table piece and 4 chairs too.

red kitchen table in apple style for kitchens and kids, girls room

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