Monday, November 25, 2013

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Unusual wall clocks with your hands, Diy wall clock ideas 2014
I want to remind you previously catalog of Unique wall clocks modern styles , It offer stylish wall clocks and exclusive ideas to make unique wall clock with your own hands.

Wall clocks in our lives - a familiar and everyday thing. But if you want to make the time in your home dripping warmer, happier, brighter or softer, you can make yourself odd hours just a couple of minutes.

Select the idea for the assembly of wall clocks that you like more, think, add something of their own, and even the most inexperienced of us will be able to brag to close the original and unusual wall clocks designs and diy wall clocks 2014.

All these unusual wall clocks are made of ordinary and accessible to all subjects, only your unusual look at ordinary things and your hard work can make a clock-mood-clock call, clock joke.

I hope you will enjoy not only the type of finished unusual wall clocks, but also from the process of manufacture.

Perhaps you will discover a completely new approach to the manufacture of unusual wall clocks with their hands.

Knitted wall clock unusual style:

knitted clock, unusual wall clocks, how to make a wall clock
Knitted clock, one of unusual wall clocks, it's made ​​of conventional clocks, which wore a removable knitted cover, which, as appropriate, can be removed and cleaned.

Buttoned wall clock:

buttoned wall clock,unusual wall clocks, how to make a wall clock
Buttoned wall clock is contemporary wall clock, it's made ​​on the hoop, which is inserted into a piece of fabric and sewed bright buttons. The design of these wall clocks easily changed by choosing a combination of different types of fabric and buttons: soft, contrasting monochrome or color companion, this is one of the best ways to make unusual wall clocks.

Lace wall clock unusual style:

lace wall clock,unusual wall clocks, how to make a wall clock
Lace clock, it's plastic wall clock, it made ​​of red plastic plates and plastic cloth. Clockwork fortified behind the plate, this is easy way to diy wall clock. it's unusual wall clock for interiors.

A joke wall clock style:

a joke wall clock,unusual wall clocks, diy wall clock
A joke clock, one of unusual wall clocks, it made ​​of candy on a stick, clockwork installed behind a cardboard circle that is located in the center of the clock.

Unusual wall clock of coffee cups:

unusual wall clock of coffee cups, diy wall clock
wall clock of coffee cups, it's very unusual wall clocks on a cardboard circle will give your living room a warm patriarchal style, this is great idea to make unusual wall clocks for your interior

Buttonholes wall clock:

buttonholes clock, unusual wall clocks, diy wall clock
Buttonholes clock - stylish and elegant wall clock style, made ​​from the cover of the pan, covered with a cloth on which glue glued buttons.

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