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There are many articles take about cozy interiors at International decor , so if you interested in a cozy interiors you can visit the below post:

But in this article we will take about a cozy kitchen 2014 and how to make a cozy kitchen and steps to make your kitchen more cozy and comfortable with your own hands.

Cozy kitchen 2014, How to make the kitchen more cozy with their own hands
 Cozy kitchen 2014, How to make the kitchen more cozy with their own hands
Probably not in the world a woman who dreamed of becoming a happy owner of a cozy kitchen! But, unfortunately, modern kitchen in the majority are small and non-standard, which greatly complicates the creation of creative interior. However, if you approach this issue thoroughly, then after a while you will be able to say that in your house - the cozy kitchen!

Cozy kitchen - a convenient kitchen, which has good heat and atmosphere where you can spend time with family and friends, as well as to receive guests.

Cozy kitchen in the understanding of many people implies the presence of wooden beams, cabinets and highlights the presence of turned lamps, as well as the use of natural materials, warm colors and wonderful decor elements, such as colorful potholders, and unique "delicious" flavor.

First you need to determine the style of the kitchen! Whether you want to see her antique, or maybe want to use theme bias, for example, to create an incredible masterpiece of Japanese, English, Russian cuisine.

The next step is to determine the color scheme. Cozy kitchen by definition involves the use of warm, soft tones. Flashy colors are certainly interesting, but can not repel and to have peace and rest.

Decor is the basis of a cozy kitchen. Cozy kitchen implies the absence of a tile or partial use of it. For a cozy kitchen typical partial application of ceramic tiles, decorative art of wood and plastic panels.

When you create a cozy kitchen furniture must correctly positioned. In this case solved two issues. First, the convenience of being just need when working in the kitchen. Secondly, the use of precisely the furniture that you really need.

Decide what kind of cookware is the most commonly used search. And if between the cupboard and the ceiling has a space, then think about how nice it can be to fill the dishes and decorations. Pots and Pans, interesting shape, can be hung on the ceiling. A kitchen utensils such as cups, spoons, as well as specialized dishes can be placed on wall hooks.

Also can provide comfort for your kitchen a variety of accessories in the form of amusing decor elements. Vintage silk cords on curtains, exclusive coffee cans next to coffee, original shelves for household appliances - all this will surely make your kitchen cozy.

If you show a little imagination, and follow our advice, you are sure to become the owner of a unique and very cozy kitchen!

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